Ok. So, if anyone knows me, you know that I’m a total over-thinker when it comes to packing (& life in general ;)). I don’t like to overpack but I really do like to ensure that I have all of the essentials JUST in case I need it. I’m still working on my carry-on game but the below seems to be a pretty good formula, as it’s worked out perfectly the last couple of trips I’ve made.

Also – does anyone else get as much enjoyment as I do about picking out the small, travel-sized products at Target? 😍

Wisps – Great for long-haul flights. Word of advice – don’t put them in the same bag as your mini perfume – NOT a good idea unless you want to be tasting perfume for the next few hours. A mistake I made and literally nothing could get rid of the perfume taste in my mouth 😭.

Hand-Sanitizer – This is a must for obvious reasons! My favorite brand is by The Honest Company. It smells good (not like pure rubbing alcohol) and doesn’t dry out your hands!

Kleenex – Great for using as a napkin or in place of toilet paper, if need be ;).

Wet Ones – These aren’t a must but they’re great in addition to hand sanitizer to wipe down surfaces. Especially on international flights, I wipe down the seatbelt, arm rests and tray table. You can get the mini package, too, which is super slim and easily fits in the inside pocket of most bags.

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs – Both of these are typically provided on an international flight but it’s always good to be prepared!

iPad & Ear Buds – Sometimes just being able to watch a familiar, 30 minute show in-between long layovers helps to make you feel a little more at home :).

Mini Deoderant – Necessary. Even if you’re not stinky, putting some on in between long flights make a world of a difference. You’re basically a new person.

Gum – This is for after-use of the wisps and also helps in take-off. Sometimes, depending on the flight, my ears pop quite a bit and I find that chewing gum can really help in between yawns. Plus you’re always minty fresh!

Lotion – There’s no getting around it – flights dehydrate you and dry you out! I usually apply lotion just before landing to rejuvenate my pruney hands!

Chapstick – I’m super picky about my chapstick! There’s nothing worse than trying to put some on and it’s as dry as your lips! I’ve been pretty loyal to NIVEA Smoothness Lip Balm and have used it for years. It’s extra smooth when you put it on and it lasts a long time before needing to re-apply.

Sweater or Scarf – I swear I’m either freezing or sweating on a flight and there’s rarely a time in which you experience a comfortable temperature. I bring either a light scarf or sweater for both covering up or covering my face. When the person next to you starts hacking or sneezing you’ll be covered!

Phone Chargers – Don’t forget to pack your universal chargers as well, so you can keep your phone charged up at all times, no matter what country you’re in!

Pen – Depending on which country you’re traveling to, you’ll likely have to fill out some paperwork on the flight. Most of the time a pen/pencil is provided but not always ;).

Emergen-C – I always travel with a couple of these to boost my immune system!

Tylenol – I won’t go on a trip without this! Traveling is exhausting and dehydrating, and I usually always need one for a headache. It’s also handy if you get sick with a fever (happens to me often!) and depending on which country you’re in sometimes it’s not the easiest to find.

Let me know what must-haves you all travel with!



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    January 15 at 8:43 pm

    Love this!! I’ve never heard of the wisps but I want to try them!!

  • Reply
    Karen Maestri
    January 14 at 11:38 pm

    Great tips, Courtney!!

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