September is usually my favorite month of the year but I gotta say, I’m happy to be in October. The month of September was a complete doozy. I moved out of my apartment in Winston Salem and into my sister and brother-in-law’s townhouse in Raleigh, moved out a week later and into their new house, got the worst haircut of my life, visited friends in NYC, celebrated my 29th birthday, started my new nanny gig, my car died and I had countless meltdowns second guessing my decision (and haircut) to pursue my dreams.

Phew. K.

With all of this going on, I’ve had a constant push/pull on what I ‘should’ be doing. Although the main reason I quit my job was to focus on my blog, I’ve really done everything but that for the last two months. Moving is stressful, chaotic and completely uprooting, regardless if it’s just down the street or across the country. Then you throw in a handful of other things that all come together at the same time – & whoa. I’ve had to exercise some serious patience through these past couple of months and continually remind myself that this is part of the journey. It’s not necessarily what I was expecting but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to learn or grow from during this transitional process. It’s tough, but I’m still challenging myself to ebb and flow with it while carving out some time for my blog. I have a handful of posts lined up for the next couple of months, it’s just a matter of riding the creative wave when it comes and spewing it out onto paper. Rest-assured, there will be more content to come and a couple of surprises as I continue pushing myself personally and creatively :).

Stay tuned!


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