Santorini, Greece Travel Story

I can’t say enough about my recent trip to Greece. It was absolutely amazing and everything I expected it to be. The pictures truly don’t do it justice but hopefully it gives you some idea of how beautiful Santorini is. It was certainly one for the books and without a doubt, I’ll be back.

I missed my flight from Athens to Santorini and I’m somewhat glad I did. I took the first flight out the next morning at 5 a.m. and it was stunning. One side of the plane had a view of the bright full moon reflecting against the water and the other had a view of the sunrise. Flying into Santorini is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Just breathtaking.

Once I got to Santorini, the owner of the hotel I was staying at picked me up at the airport. I sipped some espresso and sat outside to enjoy the view while I waited for my room.

The catamaran boat tour around the island was hands down the best part of my trip.

My last night in Santorini wasn’t complete without some hazelnut gelato.

Until next time, Greece.


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