Greece Planning!

My trip to Greece is quickly approaching and aside from buying my flight, I’ve really put off planning the remainder of my trip thus far. Because this is my first International trip (aside from Canada & Mexico), I’ve been doing lots and lots of research. Particularly on activities to do while I’m there, how to pack the perfect carry-on and the do’s and don’ts of International travel.

This is a solo trip for me and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. Not only am I taking the leap and traveling to Europe for the first time but I’m also traveling alone for the first time as well – a lot of firsts! But in the same breath, it’s also pretty exhilarating :). I’m excited to be in a new place, completely pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and experiencing another culture.

This weekend I started researching hotels to stay in during my trip. I’ve learned that some of the better hotels have already sold out, since May is a popular month to travel to Greece, but there are still some pretty solid choices that I’m considering. I plan to make the final decision within the next couple of days and once I hit the official ‘book’ button, I think the realness of this trip will really set in.

Stay tuned for more Greece updates in the next couple of weeks!


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