2016 // 2017

Every year close to New Year’s Day, I take some time for myself to reflect on the past year and look ahead on the year to come. I write down everything I’m thankful for experiencing this year and how I’d like to continue to grow into the next.

This year was full of personal hurdles that truly tested me beyond a point I never knew existed. I’ve had tough years and this has been one of the toughest. Although I felt like I struggled through most of it and was completely lost and confused at times, I know deep down I’m a better person for it. Not only that, but I truly believe (sometimes with some serious convincing) that I’m on the exact path I’m supposed to be on. Trusting the direction and timing of your own life can be challenging but I’m learning to embrace it, and most importantly, to have faith.

In 2016 I gained an immeasurable amount of insight, a new perspective, and I learned a lot about myself. It’s the year that I really took a good, hard look at myself and said, “who do you want to be?” … and started taking steps in that direction.

For 2017, my plan is to continue being true to myself and to take those steps. Although I am thankful, truly, for everything that I have and have accomplished, I can’t wait to really start living the life I’ve always imagined.

…More to come 🙂

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